Fuck love.

You know what I will tell you if you ask me about love? I will tell you it’s lovely. I will tell you I’ve travelled the world, met people across the globe and I’ve never come across something this beautiful. I will tell you to never let them go. I will tell you his name was James and he was my life line. He made me want to live.

But if you’re someone I really care about I will tell you, fuck love. I will tell you it is terrible. I will tell you it breaks you down. I will tell you although he made me laugh, he made me cry more. Although he made me want to live, he made me want to die too. I will tell you don’t go near it, dear darling. Never go near it. I’m not ready to see you burn down to ashes. Not yet.

Fuck love because nothing sucks more than love. Nothing makes you feel as terrible as love. Nothing weakens you physically and mentally both, like love.

Fuck love or it will fuck your brains.

Fuck love or it will fuck your life.

Fuck love because if you don’t, it will fuck you. Over and over again.

But being the hypocrite I am, I’ll also tell you that if you never fell in love, you never truly lived. Because with him, I discovered an entirely different lifetime. And I would trade nothing in the damn world to change that.

Author’s note: Sorry for the curse words. Maybe that’s my way of being brutally honest lol. It just pisses me off, you know? Seeing people ruining their lives after someone who probably doesn’t even give a shit. It pisses the fuck out of me. Oops. Sorry I can’t help cursing. I hope you like this!