It was a chilly December night. Your exam night. His bad night. He was really upset about something you can’t recall anymore. You opened up your book at 11 to study. You had to nail this exam as it was your weakest subject. You received a message from him at 1. ‘It was bad day,’ it said. Knowing this was going to lead to a long conversation, you looked up at the clock. You were running out of time. You decided to talk to him while you worked on some solutions. He went on with all the mishaps that took place on that day, all the bad things of that month and misfortunes of his life. You were only able to do two solutions due to the distraction and it already struck 2. You decided to leave the solutions and only read the book. He seemed really depressed. You wanted to hug him. You wanted to tell him it will be okay and whisper all kinds of sweet things in his ears. You were only done with a single chapter while seven were still left. Your eyelids started to droop. You were exhausted. You decided to leave physics and go to sleep, but he wasn’t anywhere done letting his stress out. You didn’t want to abandon him on such a crucial time so you decided to stay for his sake hoping he’ll be over in 20 minutes or so. Once 30 minutes had passed, you told him you were sleepy. “Please stay?” He asked and you couldn’t say no to that in a million years. You kept on listening, consoling, even allowing him to let out his stress on you through fights with you. You didn’t complain. Because you knew, you were the only person he’d share his troubles with. And somehow instead of being annoyed, you felt special. You didn’t even notice the time and suddenly your morning alarm was ringing at 6 am. And finally, after a while, he felt sleepy too. He fell asleep and you decided to get ready for school to flunk your exam that day.
But then a year later on a random night you were talking to him. You felt sick to your stomach and your head hurt due to some serious medications. Maybe that was what led to your bad mood. You were acting really grumpy. Although you tried your best, you ended up letting out some stress on him. That started to annoy him. You wanted to talk to someone. But he was the only one you talked to. You wanted him to talk to you but it struck 11:30 and he started to feel sleepy. You asked him, ‘Stay?’ But he didn’t. And you didn’t blame him. He had to sleep. And it was a college night.

But tell me, did it break your heart a little?

Author’s note: It isn’t necessary whatever I write on is based on my life because quite frankly, I have never flunked an exam. Yet. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “Priorities.

  1. Very relatable. Not in loving someone kind of way but in general actually. A lot of times you make tiny little sacrifices for someone and you hope they would notice it and return it when you need it but they never do. You don’t blame them but it’s sort of disappointing.
    I like how you’ve put that feeling in this situation.

  2. Ah. The bittersweet reality. Giving, is one thing, but when we experlct the same in return, there’s always that big chance of disappointment. You’ve written it beautifully.

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