“Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.”

‘The hardest things in life certainly come free to us.’  Falling in love with someone you can’t have is one of them hardest things. We hear about ‘love’ all the time. Love songs, love stories or love quotes. It all seems cliche unless you yourself are in love. It all just fascinates you all and you start to anticipate what love really feels like. Ignorant of what it is they decide to name the best feeling they experience with anyone ‘love.’ No. Honey, love and infatuation are two very different things.
 There is no appropriate answer to ‘When do you know you are in love?’ You just know it when it’s time. When your entire life fucks up right in front of you. When you don’t care about yourself anymore and they are the one ruling your life. Love is not always about butterflies, flowers and kisses. It is about sacrifices and compromises. It is about rejoicing your similarities and respecting your differences. You don’t even care if they are no good for you. You want them. You need them. You crave them the way you have craved nothing.
 Love is insanely amazing. It is the biggest risk one can take yet such a beautiful mistake. But again, we are just sad kids searching for happiness desperately. You utterly lose yourself to them, happily.
‘Love is strange. Sometimes it makes you crazy, makes you burn or breaks you down.’
 Love can be for anyone. They can be 2 kids drowning in the abyss of darkness just holding hands. It can be heart-breaker unaware of how she’s heading towards getting her own heart broken this time. It can be a smart-ass going crazy. It can be a beauty-queen thinking she isn’t good enough. It can be someone who gave up on life a long time ago finally finding a reason to live his life again. Love always has an effect on people. Always. One way or another. Maybe, in the most unexpected ways. Even though we hate to accept it, we know how much of an effect they have on us and our life.
 She once told him, ‘We fall in love with the people we can’t have.’ ‘Bullshit. I believe if you really love them, you get them in the end no matter what,’ was all he said. She just laughed at this.
 Well honey, loving you forever can’t be wrong. Don’t worry, I will forget your charming laughter, your husky voice, or how your eyes crinkle when you smile. Don’t worry, I will erase all the promises you made to me, all the things you said, still echoing in my mind.  Your soul would be haunting me for eternity and I’m not even scared. Neither do I have regrets because I chose this. I chose you. And it would be a privilege to get my heart broken by you, darling.
Author’s note: It is kind of mandatory for almost all young writers to write on ‘love’ so I gave it my first shot. I hope you guys like it! Feedback would be really appreciated. Thank you!