Being Replaced.


 Memories make everything worse. Expectations make it all much worse. Now, that all is changed you don’t know how to face it. 

 Either it can be someone who replaced the love someone utterly had for you or if they replaced your status in someone’s eyes; it all just hurts as much.

 The anguish that burns inside you after seeing them happy, without you, is nowhere near your entire life’s agony.

 You wonder, what if they don’t miss you anymore? What if you are just a regret for them? What if they don’t know how the hell to get rid of your aura around them? 

 These ‘what-ifs’ kill you. They kill you by claiming the fact that you are useless. You are nothing to them even if at one point of your life they meant everything to you. 

 You were just trash to them. They used you and threw you. And that shit hurts, love.



The undeniable lovely enchantress.


Under the moon light there she laid,

Illumination personified;

Ribbons in her hair,

And her eyes gleamed green;

That manifest beauty,

Placed me in the worst dilemma;

Lost in the loveliness in front of me;

There laid the love of my life,

The spark induced to carry out my mortality;

Then, there it is, high above;

The bright white milky luminescence,

Igniting her lustrous red hair.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Wrote poetry for the first time. Give it a read. Feedback would be appreciated. Tell me if I should pursue writing poetry in the future. Much love.