A soul afraid of dying, never learns to live.


He had some trouble with himself. She took away all he had & killed his soul. He wasn’t what he used to be anymore. He’s dead. He lost himself to her.

He thought he couldn’t live again. He had no idea if he could fall again…That bad. But little did he know, there is someone out there who’ll light the spark of life in him once again. Someone who’ll change him. Some one who’ll teach him to live again.

A girl, who won’t shatter him down into pieces.


 -The soul afraid of dying, that never learns to live.


A little girl grew up too fast.


Depression. Sadness. Gloominess. Everywhere you look, it’s all around you. You can’t escape it.

HOW? How did it all happen? What lead you here? What brought you so far? So far, that there is no way back. How did this 180 degree change come to that cheery & happy little girl you used to be?

Hurt? Break up? Broken trust? One-sided love? Inferiority complexes? Always left out? Isolation? Loneliness?. Every girl. Every single girl has her own story. A story, no one knows. A story no one will ever know. But a story every one should know before judging her.

Indeed, a little girl grew up too fast.